What size sample do I need to deliver?

Different test results require different sample sizes. Here is an easy guide to what we’ll need
to determine the results you expect.

You can download the document from here:

How long will it be to receive my results?

We strive do deliver in record time always. Here is and easy guide to the timeframes involved with different tests.

You can download the document from here:

How long before the time do I need to make a booking for testing?

Well, when you deliver a sample for testing we do not need notice. We will welcome you with open arms.
If you require us to come to your site to conduct testing and sampling, 24 hours should do the trick. Unless of course you have a large project that requires a lot of time and focus. Then, we prefer making special arrangements and committing to a tailored arrangement for your specific requirements. Contact our offices and we’ll be happy to assist.

To what specifications are tests conducted?

Most of the test requirements in South Africa are found in the COTO standard document, which is a document, or manual for the construction specifications for road and bridge works.  When these specifications do not match your requirements, we are able to tweak the reports we supply to suit your needs. And, we’ll even add the specification onto our report for easy and accurate referencing against the test results obtained.


Have a look at this summary from the COTO document regarding the most used requirements for soil testing: