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We provide a wide range of Asphalt and Binder testing services, both in the field and laboratory

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We offer everything from day-to-day quality control to specialized durability testing services.

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We offer a broad variety of field testing services, form densities and DCP’s, to borrow pit and centerline investigations

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Our state of the art Geotechnical testing facility offers specialized testing services, from a range of Triaxial varieties to Thermal resistivity determinations.

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Soil, Gravel and Aggregate

Through these divisions we offer everything from a basic sieve analysis and California Bearing Ratio to more sophisticated testing services that include the DMI and Resistivity.
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Our chemical division performs testing from the most basic day-to-day necessities in road and bridge works to more advanced tests like the ASR

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most dependable in our field of operations.
We commit to becoming the leading service provider through market research that develop our understanding of clients’ evolving environments and building benchmark facilities to meet their requirements.  We continuously invest in new technology, services and skills development programs that grow the quality and efficiency of our service as well as move the industry forward.

What’s new at Steyn-Wilson

We are always expanding and growing to better meet the needs of our clients.

Our facilities now support point load testing.
What is a Point Load?

Point load testing is used to determine rock strength
indexes in geotechnical practice. The point load test apparatus
and procedure enables economical testing of core or lump rock
samples in either a field or laboratory setting in order to
estimate uniaxial compressive strength.
The PLT is an attractive alternative to the UCS because
it can provide similar data at a lower cost.