About Steyn-Wilson Laboratories

Steyn-Wilson Laboratories is a privately owned Civil engineering Materials testing laboratory situated in Blackheath Cape Town.

We pride our self in being the leading civil engineering laboratory when it comes to Efficiency, Quality and Ethics.


It shall be an dependable laboratory operating profitably and with efficiency

It shall be a leading service provider in its field of operations

The laboratory will aim to increase its market share. It will carry out market research to understand client requirements.

It will invest in new technology and present this knowledge to its client base.

To deliver reliable reports /results timelessly.


The staff will identify enthusiastically with the vision statement.

The Company will study the client’s needs and implement changes to meet these needs.

The Company will place emphasis on skills development.

To be dominant in the Civil Engineering Testing industry.


Efficiency | Diligence

Loyalty | Quality | Ethics

Respect for different cultures, political differences, individual dignity and the environment

Excellence | Reliability


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